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At HallieMorgan, our engineers are experts in...

Flexible Application Development

We build powerful web applications that deliver a rich web experience for your users. Our goal is to deploy solutions that maximize user effectiveness. We do this by:

  • Developing innovative solutions that address our customers’ most pressing needs

  • Making continuous improvements that are grounded in our deep analysis and understanding of the user experience

  • Leveraging a customized web framework — based on PrimeTek’s PrimeFaces and other open source libraries — to build a set of pluggable, extensible components

  • Taking a performance engineering approach toward everything we do

  • Using application profiling to improve the efficiency of our solutions

  • Incorporating the latest security standards to protect government assets, and to comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA)

Enterprise Search

Our search capabilities are based on Elasticsearch, an open source framework that can integrate with nearly any data source. We’ve built a search engine that provides lightning-fast search and retrieval, returning hits found both within a database — and within files users have uploaded to the database. Our engine runs nightly, building a complete index of both structured and unstructured text. The engine returns hits from .TXT, XML, Microsoft Word, and PDF files, as well as text found through OCR analysis of binary data. We’ve built a front-end for our engine that allows users to perform ad-hoc searches and run scheduled reports.

Flexible Application Development
Enterprise Search
Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We’ve developed a set of monitoring tools that continually scan our customers’ information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) networks. Our analysts use top-of-the-line intrusion detection tools to pinpoint and thwart network intrusion attacks before they can become firmly entrenched. We then deliver detailed prevention and remediation strategies that our customers can use to harden their networks even further.


Our analysts are experienced threat hunters. Drawing from both open source and classified intelligence data — and from their own deep understanding of the threat landscape — our analysts are skilled at hunting for and finding emerging threats. Our analysts then use the knowledge they’ve gained to develop deep threat intelligence reports that describe an attacker’s indicators of compromise (IOCs), as well as the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) they use.

Application Migration and Modernization

HallieMorgan can help you migrate your legacy mainframe applications to run on a modern, web-based platform. We can show you how you can save thousands of dollars in licensing fees by switching from a commercial application server like Oracle WebLogic or IBM WebSphere to an open source platform that is faster, more secure, and better supported.

Our team of experts can help you to protect your legacy data, while taking advantage of the latest tools and technologies. HallieMorgan will support you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful migration. We have deep experience with the entire application development life cycle — from analysis and design, through development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.


Your users will thank you because their jobs will be easier. Management will thank you too, because they'll be able to analyze data and trends in ways that were never possible before.

Enterprise Software Development

Our primary focus is on building applications that help users do their jobs better. We work directly with our customers and their end users to learn their business needs and the challenges they face. Our devoted professionals are ready to help you meet your business goals better and faster.


Our customized and standardized architecture allows us to build efficient solutions that are easy to scale and maintain.  Because the subtle technology configurations are preconfigured right into our proprietary architecture, our developers are free to focus on most important part of their jobs — you and your requirements. Our architecture is repeatable and extensible, with easily added components such as full text search, integrated reports, auditing, and performance monitoring.


The end result is a product that is delivered faster, is tested better, and fits your business better than those proposed by any of our competitors.

App Modernization
Enterprise Software Development

Maximize User Effectiveness

Our goal is to help you maximize user effectiveness. To achieve this, we incorporate a User Experience (UX) approach into every step of our product development. Our UX approach considers the Why, What, and How of product use.


First, we ask Why? Why is your organization seeking a better solution? Why doesn’t the current state address your organization’s most pressing needs?


Next, we ask What? What are your top priorities? What are your pain points? What steps have you already taken to address them? What would success look like to you?


Finally, we consider the How: How can we best solve your organization’s needs, priorities, and pain points? How can we form meaningful user experiences with the solutions we deliver? How can we address user needs in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing way? 

Our UX engineers examine all of these questions and more to ensure that our answers provide a seamless, fluid, and compelling experience for your users.


In conjunction with our UX approach, technical communicators  convey highly technical information to users in a way that’s clear, understandable, and easy to read. We follow the Federal Plain Language Guidelines in support of the Plain Language Act of 2010. We have worked to build Section 508 compliance into the user support tools we create. We have built user help systems based on Confluence, MadCap Flare, and RoboHelp.

Maximize User Effectiveness

Let our talented and knowledgeable team of business and technical analysts develop a plan that's right for your unique industry or agency. Then trust us to bring your visions and goals to light.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

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