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At HallieMorgan Technologies, we believe that each of us contributes a unique perspective to the overall good of the team. None of us has all the answers alone. But when we work together, we accomplish great things!

Who We Are

At HallieMorgan Technologies, we’ve assembled a team of the best engineers in the industry. More than 95 percent of us have at least one degree in our own fields, and more than half of us have earned advanced degrees, at the MS level or higher.  

Our employees have the tools they need to excel at their job. Each employee is encouraged to take advantage of our annual training benefit. This benefit provides enrichment opportunities for each employee, while allowing employees to stay ahead of the curve in the fast moving IT field.

At HallieMorgan, we’ve assembled a leadership team that is experienced, motivated, and highly educated. Our leaders cultivate strong, productive working relationships with partners in federal and state government, as well as in private industry. 

In addition to managing DoD and intelligence projects, we've developed solutions for clients in diverse industry sectors such as law enforcement, telecommunications, health care, and finance.


Our leadership team has demonstrated expertise in diverse technical fields such as software development, database engineering, and UI/UX oversight. Let us put our team to work for you!

Experienced Leadership

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